Genuine Ukrainian Army MM14 Camo Case

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Experience the Power of the MM14 - Real Ukrainian Digital Camo Case

Discover the true spirit of resilience and durability in every MM14 Camo Case, handcrafted with genuine Ukrainian Army Camo fabric. This is not your average phone case. It's an embodiment of strength, echoing the courage of the Ukrainian military.

Authenticity in Every Detail

Directly sourced from Ukrainian factories that produce gear for their national military, this MM14 Digital Camo fabric radiates an unmatched sense of authenticity. Remember, each case is unique in pattern, which makes your purchase truly one-of-a-kind.

Multiple Variants to Suit Your Needs

The MM14 Digital Camo Case comes in three versions - Basic, Velcro, and MagSafe:
  • The basic variant features pure MM14 Camo fabric on the back.
  • The Velcro model allows you to attach your personal badges with two width options.
  • The MagSafe version incorporates a strong, black MagSafe magnet for attaching MagSafe accessories.

Please note that Velcro and MagSafe functionalities cannot be chosen for the same case.

Support a Cause with Every Purchase

With every MM14 case purchase, you get to choose a cause to which 20% of the sale price will be donated. Support the Ukrainian military directly or back Finnish fighters in Ukraine through Your Finnish Friends Ry.

MagSafe Magic

The optional MagSafe function is compatible with all market-available MagSafe accessories. Choose from Lastu’s own high-quality MagSafe accessories if you prefer. However, the MagSafe magnets may interfere with the S-Pen function of Samsung Galaxy Ultra models.

Personalize with Velcro

Add a personal touch to your MM14 Digital Camo case with the Velcro surface. Attach your patches, flags, and badges on the 'fuzzy' side of the Velcro strip, available in two different widths (30mm & 50mm) that accommodate standard-sized badges perfectly.

Explore More Camo Cases

Beyond the MM14, Lastu offers a range of authentic camo cases made from other military fabrics, including Finland's Defence Forces' M04 and M05, and the German army's Flecktarn.


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