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Experience the joy of contributing to a noble cause while protecting your phone with the Finnish Friends Military Case. With Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine, the Finnish organization Your Finnish Friends (YFF) launched a citizen-led campaign to support the Ukrainian people. By purchasing one of these remarkable cases, not only do you secure premium phone protection, but you also provide direct assistance to Finnish soldiers fighting for freedom in Ukraine.

✓ A tangible display of solidarity ✓ Each purchase contributes 30% towards supporting Finnish soldiers in Ukraine ✓ Carry these unique cases to showcase your unwavering support

Uncompromising Quality and Authentic Materials

Crafted with Care Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Finnish craftsmanship with the Finnish Friends Military Case. Made from genuine M04 Desert Camo and M05 Winter Camo fabrics, the same materials trusted by the Finnish Defense Forces, these cases combine strength and durability with a touch of elegance. As we expand our range in the summer of 2023, we proudly introduce the official Digital Camouflage used by the Ukrainian army.

✓ Experience the reliability of Finnish military-grade materials ✓ Exceptional strength and durability for long-lasting protection ✓ Available in authentic Ukrainian Digital Camouflage (coming soon!)

Enhance Functionality with MagSafe Integration

Experience the power of versatility with the Finnish Friends Military Case's optional MagSafe feature. By selecting this add-on (+5€), your case will be embedded with a discreet black MagSafe-compatible magnet. This magnet seamlessly connects with various MagSafe accessories such as wallets, stands, and car chargers, ensuring an effortless user experience. Indulge in the market's finest MagSafe accessories exclusively designed by Lastu.

✓ Foldable and adjustable aluminum finger grip for comfortable one-handed use

✓ Pop-up Tatti Holder for secure and convenient grip (made from aluminum)

✓ Genuine leather card wallets, accommodating 1-4 cards (available in black and brown)

Finnish Friends Military Case
Ukrainian support phone case
Lastu MagSafe accessories
Finnish military-grade materials
Solidarity with Ukraine
Support Finnish soldiers in Ukraine
Genuine M04 Desert Camo and M05 Winter Camo fabrics
Digital Camouflage Ukrainian army
MagSafe-compatible magnet


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