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Lastu with Pop

Beautiful case

We submitted an order for a custom logo case for Huawei P30 Pro and it exceeded our expectations. It's a beautifully crafted case and it came in an eco friendly packaging. Excellent job Lastu!

Absolutely love it

I absolutely love it. It smells like wood, it feels amazing and slim yet secure and it looks damn sexy. Underneath the fingerprint scanner is a smooth curving surface to guide your finger smoothly to the scanner, I LOVE IT.
The only negative point about this cover is that the edges on the screen are not protruding enough if you have a glass screen protector attached to your display. The edges of the cover are less "high" then your screen protector so you can't put the phone downward on its display (to show off your amazingly sexy case) without having fear of scratches on your screen, neither can you drop the phone knowing the case will catch the fall if it falls with the display down. So... Amazing cover but doesn't protect the screen enough if you have a glass screen protector. I had a protector on the display before using the cover so I'm not sure if it offers enough screen protection without glass protection sticker, but I think it has small edges so ... I think you can put it down with the display on the table, but probably not secure enough to survive a fall with the display downward

Lastu with Ring Stand

Lastu case for Huawei Mate 10 Pro

It is such a beautiful case that I am using it just on festive occasions and weekends to make my Huiwa mobile happy. I am very happy with the purchase from you :)

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