Genuine Flecktarn Phone Case

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Phone Case Made from Real German Flecktarn Fabric

This is not an ordinary phone case. The Lastu Flecktarn Army Camo case is made from real Bundeswehr camouflage fabric and impact-resistant plastic. This product is designed to perfectly protect your device. The fabric and edges of this case are very grippy.

With MagSafe

With MagSafe you can easily customize, enhance, and equip your iPhone or Android phone with additional features. Strong magnets ensure that your magnetic accessories stay in place. If you want to remove your module, just slide it to the side. MagSafe accessories from other manufacturers also work with this case.

The logo inside the case is made of Nordic birch with tar. With this detail, we want to bring a bit of nature into your everyday life. The smell of tar of this product is not strong but very pleasant.

With custom logo

If you want your own logo on your product, it will be printed in colors in the middle of the case onto black leather. This is because the prints do not stay on Flecktarn fabric.

With Velcro

You can also order authentic Flecktarn phone cases with a Velcro surface. Choose the width of the Velcro surface, 30mm or 50mm, according to your needs. You can attach your own Velcro patches to the fuzzy Velcro surface on the back of the phone.

State-of-the-art Quality and Protection
The Flecktarn fabric in this product is the same used by the German armed forces for part of their equipment.

We do not use any toxic substances in the manufacturing and finishing process like many other manufacturers. We strive to maintain a sense of real material in the product to bring pleasure to the owner. Real materials guarantee that your case will look better over time. Each Lastu case is made with love.


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