Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself

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Show your support and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine kick the hell out of the Russians.

Russia's ruthlessly started war against the independent people of Ukraine affects the lives of all Europeans. We made this unique product to directly support the the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the important work of winning the war. From the sale of each case, we donate 25% to the Ukrainian army.

In this product, we give you a wide selection of our different materials to choose from. Your case is made from genuine materials after you have ordered it. This is of course ecological, but also gives you the opportunity to decide the material and accessories of your case yourself. The wood and fabric texture of each of our shells is unique. The picture in the middle of a Ukrainian soldier showing the middle finger to a Russian warship is printed on real ash wood.

Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself covers are available for all our wood materials, as well as with genuine camouflage fabrics of the Finnish (M05) and German armies (Flecktarn). In camo fabric products, Lastu's logo is made of tarred birch, which gives the product a pleasant scent.

These covers come with a magnetic feature. You don't have to use it, but you may find a use for it in the future. The magnet is compatible with all MagSafe accessories on the market.
You can also choose our own high-quality accessories when purchasing the cover, such as a magnetic ring holder or a leather card wallet. See more about our magnetic inserts in the video below.

Where do the case donations go?

Directly there, which helps to end the war as quickly as possible.

We use public account transfer information of the Ukrainian Army for donations.
Information on direct support can be found here:

How to order:

  1. Select your phone model
  2. Select material for the case
  3. Add magnetic accessories to your order if you want
  4. Add to Cart and go to Checkout. We will make your products as you want in next few days.

These MagSafe accessories are currently available:

1. Tatti Holder
2. Magnetic Phone Ring - Strong magnets with slim aluminum design.
3. Genuine leather MagSafe wallet (brown) for 3 cards


    Every time we use 1kg of plastic we support the collection of 1kg of plastic waste from nature.

    See more  about lastu products plastic neutrality

    Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself case is crafted from real wood and durable rubbered hard plastic. This cover is designed to fit and protect your device perfectly. We carefully sand and finish every single piece. We take care to make sure your new cover feels amazing. When carrying a real wood with you, it really is a wonderful time.

    Natural Feel & Finish

    Our finishing process is non-toxic and maintains a natural look and feel to the material. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.

    Free shipping in E.U. Shipping starts in 1-4 days. 

    Design From Finland suojakuoret kuoret Desing Deed Of The Year 2014 Suomen vuoden designteko 2014 Droplet Hitech Design Oy



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