LASTU x RATIA - Peikonlehti

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Timeless Finnish Design in Your Pocket. 

The Peikonlehti pattern is vibrant and captivating. This pattern, designed by Laura Väre, draws inspiration from the beauty of the monstera leaf and the interplay of light and shadow it offers. When sunlight hits the monstera leaf, it creates intriguing shadows and shapes that dance with the light. The Peikonlehti pattern is brimming with vitality, enchantment, and creativity drawn from nature.

Real Nordic Design with RATIA

RATIA is the byword for trailblazing, timeless design and functional everyday luxury, which aims to create a lovely setting for you to live in.
Throughout its history RATIA designs have naturally inspired the concept of RATIA Lifestyle. It is easily recognized by its casual elegance, fresh prints, and unique designs. See more about RATIA

LASTU x RATIA - Peikonlehti case is made from genuine reindeer leather from Lapland of Finland.


Unique Design and Style

Not only are our phone cases made from high-quality materials, but they also have a unique design and style. Genuine reindeer leather from Finnish Lapland in this phone case gives distinct look that is sure to turn heads. Our cases also have precise cutouts for all the ports and buttons on your phone, so you can use your phone without any restrictions.

MagSafe and MagSafe Accessories

Lastu cases have the option to add MagSafe and MagSafe accessories, making them even more convenient and functional. MagSafe technology allows you to attach accessories like a charger or a wallet to the back of your phone case magnetically. Our phone cases are compatible with all MagSafe accessories, so you can customize your phone case to fit your lifestyle.

Durability and Protection

Our genuine reindeer lether phone cases offer more than just style and convenience. They also provide excellent protection for your phone. The leather construction adds an extra layer of shock absorption, helping to prevent damage from drops and impacts. Plus, our cases have raised edges around the screen and camera, providing additional protection against scratches and cracks.


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