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Hiili with Krip Ständ


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Awesome grip & protection always with you. With Real Finnish Wood.

Krip Ständ case by Lastu is a stylish phone accessory that lets you do more with your phone. Just expand to use as phone holder or stand. Whether you’re trying to snap a quick pic, watch videos on the fly, or text with one hand, it's got you covered.

Krip Ständ gives you more to hold onto while you use your phone, reducing the risk of everyone's biggest fear – the dreaded screen smash. Integrated to LastuCover and your phone is fully protected.

This is no ordinary case. Hiili with Krip Ständ is crafted from real Finnish Black Colored Birch with durable rubbered hard plastic on edges. This cover is designed to fit and protect your device perfectly. We carefully sand and finish every single piece. We take care to make sure your new cover feels amazing. When carrying a real wood with you, it really is a wonderful time.

Every time we use 1kg of plastic we support the collection of 1kg of plastic waste from nature.

See more about lastu products plastic neutrality

Natural Feel & Finish

Our finishing process is non-toxic and maintains a natural look and feel to the material. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.

Don’t be fooled by some of the cheaper products available, ALL of our products are made from real wood. You’ll find no fake printed wood grain here! The grain pattern will react beautifully to lighting changes, and the product you receive will be one of a kind, naturally having a different and unique grain pattern from what is pictured, or what anyone else will receive from us. Think of it as your phone's natural fingerprint.

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High quality case indeed

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2064 reviews
Very Great!

I got exactly what I wanted on my custom logo case. No reason to complain!

New lastu user, Camo M05

-Quality seems to be good *****
-Buttons *****
-Enough space to use sliding button in 1+7 *****
-Maybe would like to have softer back for the phone inside the cover ****
-Noticed when recording video that you need to avoid moving your fingers on the back cover material because it's making scratchy noice to video, but maybe it's not covers fail, just dry hands... :D

Honor 10


Excellent product!

Eka ostos

5/5!! Kuoret omalla logolla ja olen enemmän ku tyytyväinen! Tuli parempi kuin odotin! Ja makian nopea toimitus 🔥