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Fold Stand Case

35,00 EUR

The only phone stand you will ever need. Integrated in the highest quality case.

Fold Stand by Lastu is a stylish phone accessory that lets you do more with your phone. Whether you’re trying to snap a picture, watch videos, or text with one hand, it's got you covered. This high quality stand gives you more possibilities. Use is as a table stand or as a grip holder.

This is no ordinary case. Lastu case with Fold Stand is crafted from real wood and durable rubbered hard plastic. This cover is designed to fit and protect your device perfectly. We carefully sand and finish every single piece. We take care to make sure your new cover feels amazing. When carrying a real wood with you, it really is a wonderful time.

Cutting-edge quality and protection

Our finishing process is non-toxic and maintains a natural look and feel to the material. This is an amazing finish that ensures your new case will look great for years to come. We hand finish and sand every piece to create a natural, smooth feel.

We do not use toxic substances in the manufacturing and finishing process like many other manufacturers. We strive to maintain a sense of genuine material in the product so that it can bring joy to the owner. Genuine materials guarantee that your case will only look better over time. Every Last is lovingly made.

Available for most popular phones like iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21, OnePlus Nord 2, OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus 10, Xiaomi models..

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Photos are of the finished product. ***Camera holes will be correct for your phone model.***


Every time we use 1kg of plastic we support the collection of 1kg of plastic waste from nature.

See more about lastu products plastic neutrality

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Free Shipping in EU. Shippings starts in 1-3 days.

Each Case is Unique

Each product is made to order according to your wishes. We have never made two of the same kind.