We had been planning

We had been planning - Lastu - Nordic Wooden Phone Cases - {{ product.product_type }} -
We had been planning to release a new wood type for a long time and had decided to do so in early March 2022.
However, things are happening in Europe that are more important than the new species of wood in our range.
For this reason, we will use the first batch of new kelosaarni as a whole only to support the people in Ukraine. Kelosaarni, is now available only printed with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and for the price of each product sold we donate 10% of the Red Cross in Ukraine.

The product is our first phone case that does not have our own logo. By removing our logo, we want to draw attention to the essential situation in Ukraine. Our own logos and several other small things now seem insignificant when something so terrible is happening so close to us. We support the activities of the Red Cross in Ukraine because it helps civilians, to get out of the war to safety. Thank you for your support.

Go to: https://lastu.co/products/stand-with-ukraine

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