Shipping policy

We use Posti for all our shipments.

Free Shipping in EU is Parcel Connect with tracking.

Free Shipping in Finland is letter sized and not trackable.

Shipping out of EU are EMS shipments with tracking.


Posti will deliver parcels either to be picked up or to recipient's address. Parcels with a delivery notice by SMS or email are available for pick up for 7 days. Parcels with a delivery notice by letter are available for pick up for 14 days. An undelivered parcel will be returned to the sender at the sender's expense.

Tracked letters

Posti delivers Registered letters and Cash on Delivery letters to a Posti outlet for collection. Express letters are delivered to recipient's address in basic delivery. The storage period for letters is 14 days. Uncollected letters will be returned to the sender free of charge.

International Parcel Delivery

International parcels are transported rapidly from Finland to the destination country. As a rule, items will be delivered directly to the recipient, although in some countries recipients are invited to collect their parcel from their local post office. All uncollected items will be destroyed or returned to the sender, as per the sender's instructions. If no instructions have been given, the item will be returned at the sender's expense.

A number of countries have prohibitions and restrictions in place for postal goods. The sender is responsible for ensuring that they are aware of any prohibitions and import restrictions in place at the destination country at any given time.

Posti's liability and damage compensation liability is set out

  • in the Finnish Postal Act for domestic letter items;

  • in the convention and regulations of the Universal Postal Union for international postal items;

  • in the Act on Road Transport Contracts for goods transport services (such as parcels);

  • and in Posti's General Contract Terms.

Nearby Locker

In Nearby Locker service a customer drops a parcel to Parcel Point to be picked up. Notice of arrival is sent by SMS to the recipient. Parcel is available for pick up for 7 days. An undelivered parcel will be returned to the sender at the sender's expense. Contents of prohibited in Posti's General terms of delivery may not be dropped in Parcel Point.

Pick-up service

The sender can order a pick-up service from Posti, which means that Posti will pick up parcels from the immediate vincity of the sender's front door. The parcels must be packed and paid for beforehand. The service includes one pick-up attempt. Posti has the right to charge a surcharge pursuant to its tariff for any unsuccessfull pick-up attempts or changes to afreed-upon pick-up times and places.

A typo in the recipient’s mobile phone number can be corrected free of charge as per the sender’s request.

Consumers have the right to cancel an order placed in the web service in accordance with the provisions on distance selling in the Consumer Protection Act by informing Posti of it within fourteen (14) days of purchasing the delivery service. If the parcel has already been sent, the collected service fee will not be returned.